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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is now open for the 2023-2024 school year!on.


IN ORDER TO SEE GOALS - students must toggle to the current goal period (i.e."October AR Cafe"). If you see "Term" displayed, this is not the current goal. There is a screenshot below. Students will see the "Marking Period" - change - and then on the rocket ship, they will see their current points on the left and goal points on the right.. So the student below currently has 1 point and needs 7.9.

goal example


ALSO - students can toggle to the full school year to see total points and word count (listed as "Words Read" toward the bottom right of the screen. 




A Note to Parents:
Parents, to your child Accelerated Reader is about rewards – both intrinsic and extrinsic - for reading.  But to your child’s teacher, Accelerated Reader provides valuable data concerning his or her INDEPENDENT READING GROWTH.  We encourage students to read with parents, yet AR tests should be taken independently.  We ask that you are mindful concerning the “Roles of the Parent” in Accelerated Reader and that you NEVER read test questions to your child.  Read with your child at home, ask him/her as many questions as you would like about what he or she is reading, and review key vocabulary, but once the test begins, allow him or her to complete the test independently so that independent reading and comprehension may be assessed accurately

OPES currently allows testing to begin at 7:30 AM and to end at 2:45 PM.