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I Put Reading on the Map!

I Put Reading on the Map
(2nd - 5th graders)

2023- 2024 Reading Logs ACCESS IS OPEN!

Students may log books they have read this school year ONLY. 

Reading Logs are accessible through Mrs. Bowles's grade-level Google Classrooms. 

TO ACCESS the I PUT READING ON THE MAP Google classroom:

1. Students will login to Google using their school gmail account.

2. Click on the following links below to join student's grade level "I Put Reading on the Map" classroom. 

  5th Grade  -
4th Grade -
3rd Grade -

*2nd Graders will not access their logs through Google Classroom.
Students keep their reading logs in their reading folder at school. A copy of the 2nd grade log is linked at the bottom of this page.


3. After joining the grade level Google Classroom, students will then click on "Classwork" and begin filling out their reading logs. Add books to your log throughout the year until the form is complete.

4. Once complete, let your teacher know AND click "turn-in" from your Google Doc. Once Mrs. Bowles has checked your log, you will get a CONGRATULATIONS slip, or you will find out what books are still needed in order to complete your log. Most students do have a few more books to add after they turn it in - or sometimes have not yet made the word count requirement, etc. Mrs. Bowles and your teacher will help you! Check your Google Classroom for notes from Mrs. Bowles and/or Mrs. Humm. 

5. Remember, only books read this school year may be logged after passing the AR quiz with an 80% or higher. Books must be in the student's STAR zone or higher to receive credit. Books cannot be counted in two places. This is a program meant to CHALLENGE our students on their individual level!

IPROM Deadlines

OPES is excited to continue our independent reading initiative – the “I Put Reading on the Map” program.  This incentive is not a replacement for the Accelerated Reader program, but rather is a companion program designed to ramp up reading levels even further by putting a greater emphasis on individual reading zones targeted for optimal growth, thus encouraging students to read at grade level or higher.  It also encourages students to read a variety of literary genres as well as award winning literature. 


ØThe Georgia Standards of Excellence in Reading make clear a belief that students who read well independently throughout grades K-12 will succeed in college and careers.  The standards specify an expected complexity level for students in each grade.  However, students with special learning needs will receive accommodations.  These standards address independent reading, emphasizing the complexity, quality, and variety of reading (not just quantity).

ØReading practice outside of school is vital to success inside of school and beyond.  Reading practice, and more practice, at increasingly challenging levels, leads to enjoyment AND academic success. 

ØVariety in reading (reading fiction, non-fiction, and biographies) will enrich students’ perspectives and knowledge.

ØCelebrating reading achievement makes our school culture stronger and happier! 

How does my child PUT READING ON THE MAP?

Please see the guidelines per grade level.

How do we reward our children who PUT READING ON THE MAP?

                We want to celebrate and reward our students who strive to meet their reading goals.  When the student reaches his/her benchmark, he/she will be presented with an I PUT READING ON THE MAP poster. Posters will be displayed in the main hallway.  Students must turn in reading logs by the last day of each month in order to be recognized at the next month's spirit rally.