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Nature is our classroom where students interact with wetlands and its inhabitants in order to become stewards for the conservation of our surroundings.

What is the Marsh Lab:
The OPES Marsh Lab is a dedicated space on campus for students to participate in a hands on learning style about freshwater wetlands, salt marshes and the surrounding estuaries of St Simons Island, Ga. These two types of wetlands play an important role in maintaining a healthy coastal barrier island ecosystem, and are wonderful resources for OPES campus to share with the students.

Students will be introduced to the flora and fauna thru hands on activities including themes of meteorological observation, water chemistry and biological identification. The salt marsh and freshwater wetlands both provide important habitat for unique flora and fauna on a barrier island and its ecotones, and are both full of educational teaching experiences. They will explore the existing Freshwater Wetland Discovery Trail, and the salt marshes and will participate various activities such as plant restoration, and different collection methods during the school year. They will have the opportunity to 'sink into their studies' by dragging seine nets, sieving mud and scooping up animals. Identification and interesting facts about their catch will provide the topics for the classroom discussions.

MarshLab Instructor:  Karen Garrett

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