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What are learning:

Reading:  Summarizing and synthesizing information. Describing an author’s use of text structure: comparisons and contrasts. Understanding an author’s use of illustrations.

Writing:  Researching personal narratives and studying a personal narrative in a mentor text. Writing words to match our sketches and using feeling words to end our story.

Phonics:  Phoneme isolation, syllables, adding a phoneme, and phoneme substitution

Math:  Determining more than and fewer than. Counting how many more or less. Counting to 100 and identifying numbers to 50.

Social Studies: Martin Luther King Jr 

Science:  Living and nonliving things

Sight words: ran, how, big, with, us, but, cut, up, good, all, our, four, ran, be, any

Important Dates:

Map Testing January 9-12

Martin Luther King Jr day (no school) January 16th

Spirit Rally January 27th