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                                          Ms.  Lisa  Fowler


                                  M.Ed University of Phoenix 


                                      Brenau Women's College


                             Gifted Endorsement and ESOL Endorsement          


                                           Kindergarten Teacher


                                      Oglethorpe  Point Elementary


                                         [email protected]


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Individual Supply List
Daily snack
Change of Clothes
Water Bottle with a lid that will not spill
Class Supply List
Clorox wipes
Lysol Spray
Hand sanitizer
Ziplocks - any size
Hand soap





September Kindergarten Newsletter



  • No school Monday, September 5.
  • We will hold all of the birthday celebrations on the last Friday of the month. Be on the lookout for more information from your room mom or classroom teacher.
  • Grandparents Lunch for kindergarten September 8
  • Spirit Rally September 30 at 8:00AM

What we are learning:

  • Math: Working with numbers 0-10, one more and one less
  • Reading: Main idea, compare and contrast, text features, book cover, author, title page, reading left to right, spaces between words, sentences are made of words, informational text, and identifying important details
  • Science/Social Studies: Matter, physical attributes
  • Phonics:  upper and lower case letter recognition, rhyming, syllables, letter sounds, initial and final consonant sounds, and short vowel sounds
  • Sight Word List for unit 1

am, is, he not, on, and, I, like, eat, put, you, run, six, not, stop