Golden Rule Winners Announced

The annual Golden Rule Character Awards ceremony, hosted by the Katz-Helen and Ray Whittle Jr. Foundation in collaboration with the Glynn County School System, celebrates exceptional students and staff who exemplify positive character traits during the school year.

The Golden Rule Character Award Students of the Year, selected from various schools, demonstrated outstanding character and integrity. The 2023-2024 winners were Ella Broomell (Golden Isles Elementary), Alexia Howard (Jane Macon Middle), and Katie Mae Owens (Brunswick High). Each received a $250 cash award for demonstrating outstanding character and integrity.

Selected as Senior Students of the Year were Chanthony Andrews Jr. (Brunswick High), Josiah Nichols (Glynn Academy) and Abbie Jones (Golden Isles College & Career Academy). Each received a $3,000 cash award for their leadership and positive influence. Senior of the Year runners-up Katie Mae Owens (Brunswick High), Taryn Fenwick (Glynn Academy) and Angel Huang (GICCA) received $1,500 cash awards each for their commitment to the Golden Rule. Additionally, the Senior of the Year second runners-up were recognized: Christopher Billings (BHS), Maxwell Wakeland (GA) and Logan Williamson (GICCA). Each were awarded $1,000 in recognition of their exemplary character.

The Golden Rule Character Awards also extend beyond students to recognize dedicated staff members. This year’s Staff of the Year winner is Sherman Nixon of Oglethorpe Point Elementary. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he received a $1,500 cash award. Glynn Academy’s Mary Claire Jones was named the Paragon of the Year Award winner, and received a $1,500 cash award for being a shining example of character and leadership.

The Golden Rule Character Award program was inspired by the late Helen Whittle Katz, founder of the Katz-Helen and Ray Whittle Jr. Foundation. Since its inception during the 1999-2000 school year, the program has emphasized the importance of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Through this initiative, Glynn County Schools continue to nurture a culture of kindness, respect, and integrity.

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