New Student Registration for SY 2024-2025 Now Open

Parents and guardians who have a child that will attend public school in Glynn County for the first time next school year are encouraged to register their child now for school in August.  The 2024-2025 school year will begin on Wednesday, August 7.

Parents/guardians will need to schedule an appointment for a registration session by visiting, and registration packets must be completed prior to the scheduled session.

Students who are currently enrolled do not need to register; only those who will attend school in Glynn County for the first time or those who have not attended a Glynn County public school in the past year must register. This enrollment window is for grades kindergarten through 12th.

Documents that will be requested at registration include the child’s certified birth certificate and Social Security card (disclosure of the child’s Social Security Number is voluntary), current proof of immunization (DHR Form 3231), a certificate of vision/hearing/dental/nutrition screening (DHR Form 3300 current within the year that the child enters school), custody documentation (if necessary), current proof of residency and parent/guardian identification (any photo identification presented as documentation does not have to be government issued). 

Following registration, parents/guardians will receive documents that they must take to the school for which their home address is zoned to complete the enrollment process.

For more information about the Registration process, call the Central Registration Office at 912-280-4010.

Parents who need to know the school for which their child is zoned to attend are encouraged to use WebQuery (