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Daily Learning Resources

Dear Parents,


In order to have a successful year it is important that each student exhibit good behavior.  In my classroom we have a “green, yellow, and red light” that I use to help encourage good behavior.  The children all begin the day on their cubby. They are rewarded each day with a sticker for their incentive chart, if they do not move their clip to the traffic light.  When the students have earned five stickers they may pick from my treasure box. If your child moves his/her clip to green I will speak with them about their behavior (this is their warning). Green is still GOOD! If your child moves his/her clip to yellow or red, they will receive a time-out at centers. When children realize that their teachers and parents are working together then behavior issues are normally resolved quickly.  I look forward to working with you to make this year a positive and enjoyable learning experience. 




Jamie Wiles

How to login to your child’s Google Classroom


Go to www. google.com

Click on sign in at the top right corner

Email is [email protected]

Password is your child’s birthday MMDDYY

Click on the 9 dot grid at the top right corner

Click on classroom

Your child’s google classroom will be there